Naina Devi Temple

Naina Devi Temple

Naina Devi Temple, which is a popular Indian journey and one of the 51 Shaktipeeths in India. Situated on the banks of the lake, it is an excellent traveler objective also.

The Naina Devi sanctuary gets its name from the legendary legend that Goddess Sati’s eyes (Nayan) fell at this spot when Lord Vishnu cuts her body into 51 unique parts. Truth be told, the entire town (Nainital), the lake (Naini Lake) and the Naini sanctuary, every one of them three are named after the legend.

The Naina Devi sanctuary is considered as one of the most consecrated sanctuaries in the nation showering gifts on fans from across the world. The incomparable Shivalik scope of Himalayas encompass the town and the sanctuary is protected by the most elevated pinnacle Mt. Nanda Devi which is accepted to be the sister of goddess Naina Devi. Nainital Tour Packages, presented by HolidaysDNA makes your visit to this sacred sanctuary all the seriously charming.

Architecture of Naina Devi temple, Nainital

Inside the premises of the sanctuary stands high an old Peepal tree guarding the sanctuary and giving safe house to the pioneers. As you stroll inside, there stands Lord Hanuman showering endowments and guarding the goddess.

As you move towards the belly of the sanctuary, in the middle are two Nayan (eyes) addressing Naina Devi, Mata Kali to the left and Lord Ganesha to the right. Two lion sculptures which address the vehicle, called ‘Vaahan’ of the Goddess, watch the inward holy place.

Festivals and Celebrations at Naina Devi temple, Nainital

During the long periods of August and September falls Nanda Ashtami which is commended across the Kumaon locale. The celebration denotes the festival and love of Nanda Devi, which is the most noteworthy pinnacle of western Himalayas. The hallowed bloom ‘Brahmakamal’ is venerated and collected during this time which denotes the manageable conjunction among men and nature. The blossom holds numerous utilizations as a fuel, medication, feed and food while its excellence makes it elaborate also.

During the hour of Nanda Ashtami, enthusiasts come and take favors of the goddess. An eight – day long celebration is coordinated in the sanctuary premises. On the eighth day, ‘Visarjan’ or submersion of icons of Goddess Nanda Devi and Naina Devi is performed. The sanctuary additionally witnesses gigantic footfall during the long periods of Navratri and Chaitra as lovers come to adore the Goddess and take endowments.